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Patient Portal
Our office now has a "Patient Portal" which we will be using to better communicate with our patients. This portal is a HIPAA compliant form of communication as well as a secure avenue of releasing and obtaining medical information with our patients.

How Will Our Office Utilize The Portal?

  • Inform patients of their Lab and Radiology results; as well as send copies of results to the patient
  • Remind patients of upcoming appointments
  • Notify patients of upcoming lab orders that are due for follow up
  • Contact patients with questions regarding pharmacy prior authorizations, records, referrals, etc...
  • Provide Patient Education Information to patients (Diabetes Education, Diet plans, etc…)

How Can The Patient Portal Benefit ME?

  • Patients can request records from their patient chart, as well as their children’s records. The patient will need to be an “Account Holder” on EACH of their children’s charts to access their information and request chart documents.
  • Ask questions regarding billing
  • Request referral recommendations for specialists. This is for patients with NO insurance, or patients with a PPO insurance plan ONLY. All HMO plans require a written referral and will need an appointment to complete a referral to a contracted specialist.
  • Review Patient Education Articles and recommended websites
  • Ask general questions to a Medical Assistant; if a patient cannot call us during normal business hours. All messages sent after normal business hours will be addressed the following business day, and will be responded to within 24 hours.
  • Update Patient Demographic and Insurance information

How Do I Create A Portal Account?

  • First, make sure our office has an accurate email address for you and we will send you an email with an “invitation link” to create your portal account.
  • Once you receive the email, you will click on the blue link labeled “Create My Patient Portal Account.” You will be redirected to the portal website and be asked to verify your last name, zip code, and date of birth.
  • Then you will be prompted to create a username and password for your portal account. The Portal will initially generate a username for you, Ex: “john.smith,” however you will be able to change it to any username you would like.
  • After your password is saved you’ve finished creating your account! It’s that easy!
Call our office at (480) 840-9155 and ask to be signed up for the portal, or at your next office visit ask any member of our staff to sign you up for the portal and we'll send you an “invite” right then!
Patient Portal
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